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Séquence de conception Nosqua

French Glassmakers-Designers


The origins of Nosqua

Nosqua is glass designers collective who met at the National School of Glass. As the shared the same ambition, they decided to combine their skills to develop unique objects, combining savoir-faire and design.

Our values

  • Our breadcrumb trail

    As founders, we adopted the goal of honoring French creation by realizing top-of-the-range products in small series or tailor-made. Our philosophy : creating intriguing pieces of artwork; pieces which can be looked from different vantage points and thus invite the user to manipulate them. These products essentially take the form of glass walls, luminaires, and furniture.

  • Made in France

    Our crucial values include well-being, respect, and appreciation. This is the reason why we chose to work as much as possible with French partners and suppliers. We care about highlighting our savoir-faire but also the variety of local companies and materials offered by French regions.

  • Our commitment

    Glass is infinitely recyclable and rotproof, thus being a naturally ecological material. However, its fabrication and transformation are energy-intensive. To limit our impact, we are establishing the automatic sorting of glass scraps and we reuse them while fabricating other products. Furthermore, we believe that creating products with their own story make them intemporal for their purchasers.

Préparation d'une fusion avec les chutes

Our team

  • Gauthier Dietschi

    Gauthier Dietschi

    Cofounder - Technician glass artist

    “I have a passion for glass since I was a child. I am constantly looking for new techniques and other ways for me to feel this incredible material. I like the idea that I can reinterpret traditional techniques but in a contemporary way in order to push it to its limits. It is a tow-way relationship since I learn from glass everyday by pushing away its experienced limits. Glass is a support, a material, a subject which, changes and models itself endlessly. It only needs you to know how to work with it and a bit of mastery”.

  • Manon Fernandez

    Manon Fernandez

    Cofounder - Product designer, glass artist

    “As I am someone intrigued by anything entering my field of view, I am looking for meaning in any detail. I am convinced that ingenuity often hides itself behind simplicity. It is all the more true concerning product design because we often consider objects from everyday life as an extension of our gestures. Though I find a high satisfaction in the scientific precision and sobriety of lines, I also feel refreshed by extravagance and unexpectedness. It gives a new dimension to objects, a presence which I find irresistibly attractive."

Our partners

Our partners are there to help us daily to realise and commercialise our products.

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