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Bel Ava

Verre Etagère Montagne

Between desertic expanses and frozen mountains, Bela Ava offers you to travel towards fascinating landscapes.

Sablage bel ava verre
Sablage bel ava verre

The approach

Bel Ava is a range which draws its inspiration in Nordic landscapes. We often associate Glass to a cold material. The use of sandblasting helps us pushing this association to its limits. Glass drapes itself in a frozen texture and mountains appear in the glass’ thickness.

Etagère verre sablage montagne intérieur
Etagères sablage montagne verre

Bel Ava’s shelves

Bel Ava’s shelves have singular contours. Each shelf is shaped in a simplified form of mountain slopes. Their thick edges offer a direct view on mountain ranges drawn through glass.

Etagères sablage montagne verre intérieur

This is thus a plunge into the heart of a Nordic landscape, through the observation of Bel Ava’s shelves.

Etagère verre sablage montagne intérieur
Etagère verre sablage montagne intérieur

Bel Ava's dish

This dish uses the same technique as the shelves but here the mountains are almost transparent. It creates a contrast between the misty aspect of the landscape and the clear frosty mountains.

  • Bel Ava dish flower chimney
  • Bel Ava dish flower mountain
  • Bel Ava dish flower
  • Bel Ava dish flower mountain zoom
Bel Ava zoom mountain dish
Bel Ava mountain dish
Bel Ava dish lime mountain zoom

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