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Small edition
Luminaire Érèbe modulable et artisanal

Straight or whirling… White, blue or purple… Erèbe adorns itself with thousands of costumes.

The approach

Erèbe owes its name from Greek mythology and designs the god of darkness. Through this range, Nosqua decided to shape light with the development of an adjustable lamp. Erèbe’s lamps’ glass nuances light. Each lamp is made up of multiple slabs turning and winding around themselves. These slabs were modelled one by one by hand to spread light in every direction. Erèbe is an anchor point to guide oneself through darkness.

L'équipe Nosqua à l'atelier
Érèbe sous les rayons du soleil

Erèbe’s table lamp

This lamp, down from its thirty centimetres, is full of surprises. Each of its slabs is unique and independent. Recalling either shells, or frost, Erèbe invites oneself in its universe. Straight, in spiral or otherwise in star, Erèbe is modelled according to our envies. The light’s color is also accordable to the ambiance of every moment.
· Price on request ·

Zoom coquillage Érèbe et effet infini
Érèbe dans un décor ancien chic
Luminaire modulable Érèbe matériaux bruts
Lampe Érèbe décoration campagne chic
Érèbe en colonne au printemps

Érèbe XL's floor lamp

This is Érèbe’s other version. The Érèbe XL floor lamp shines from its full height. It captures natural light when it is switched off and illuminates the space when it is switched on. Its large size allows you to play with even more combinations.
· Price on request ·

Érèbe's floor lamp Nosqua
Érèbe XL's floor lamp
Érèbe's floor lamp shell
Érèbe's floor lamp


The company DLS located near Clermont-Ferrand participated in the creation of the luminous base of Erèbe’s lamps.

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