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Made to measure
Partition glass interior slice Wavy fragment zoom

Repeat, stuck, bend… Here is the story of a glass rod endlessly developing.

Module Ondulation coupé à la main
Séquence de conception Nosqua

The approach

What if we observed the world through another reality? Chronophotograph enabled humans to break down their vision, to have access to unprecedented images and to understand movement. Ondulation interrogates our conception of reality through a glass filter which splits it.

Wavy fragment's wall

Ondulation’s wall passes on to us a vibrating dimension thanks to a subtle entanglements game. Fragment ondulé divides two spaces while preserving light in the room. Superposition creates undulations playing with light. Intimate, this wall offers a blured vision of elements behind it.

Partition glass interior slice Wavy fragment plant
Paroi en verre artisanale qui donne de l'intimité
Partition glass interior slice Wavy fragment wine candle
Paroi qui laisse passer la lumière naturelle

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