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Limited edition
Lampe à poser Sancy

France contains many treasures. Deeply hidden underground, or just in front of our eyes, time helped us to tame them and include them into our territories’ identity.

The approach

We defend our geographic origin with pride. Nosqua was born by the association of two different personalities coming from two French regions. This is why our project aims at honouring French territories. The materials of the lamps of this range were chosen not only for their aesthetic and technical qualities, but also for the important symbolic the inhabitants in our regions give to them.

Technique de marquage du verre au marteau
Sancy et ses reflets sur une magnifique cheminée

Sancy’s lamp

Lava belong to Clermont’s region’s history, architecture, and identity. Sancy highlights the meeting between lava flow of the Puy de Sancy and glass. Though both materials are particularly rich in silicate, their contrast is striking. Lava, dark and heavy, embraces this glass disk light and transparent at the same time. But once one lights the lamp, the magic happens; glass spangles with shiny dots like stars above a mountain. A halo then dances above the lamp, driving the spectator in its universe.
Limited edition of 63 (Puy de Dôme department).
· Price on request ·

Lampe à poser et son socle en lave
Lampe Sancy allumée dans un château
Sancy allumée sur fond de bibliothèque ancienne
Sancy dans un intérieur raffiné


The lava base of Sancy was extracted and modelled by hand by Andésite company.

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